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Must the EYYO powerbank remain where I took it? 

No, and that is the sorcery of the EYYO Power stations organization! You lease your powerbank where it suits you best, and you return it where it additionally suits you best. It doesn't need to be a similar EYYO Power station. You are totally versatile during the rental.

How would I open an EYYO powerbank? 

Dispatch the EYYO application on your cell phone, tap on "Open" and sweep the QR code on the EYYO Power station. 

How would I return an EYYO powerbank? 

At an EYYO Power station, embed the powerbank in a vacant opening. Inside minutes, the closure of your rental period will be affirmed in your EYYO cell phone application. 

My gadget previously shut down: how might I lease? 

You should figure out how to charge your telephone barely enough to turn it on, before you can continue with the rental. 

- If you are with a companion, request that they lease a powerbank for you (our powerbanks guarantee super quick charging). 

- If you are without anyone else, ask somebody nearby to charge your telephone for only for a couple of moments. 

- Some of our stations have crisis charging links (on the back or side). Yet, be patient, as they charge much more slow than our powerbanks.

Would i be able to lease more than each powerbank in turn? 

Not right now, but rather if a companion of yours requirements one, welcome her/him to download the EYYO cell phone application. 

Consider the possibility that my EYYO cell phone application doesn't associate. 

Check on the off chance that you don't have an issue associating with the web with your cell phone. On the off chance that you are as yet encountering challenges, kindly reach us.

Consider the possibility that nothing happens when I check the QR code. 

Check if a light is blazing on the EYYO Power station. On the off chance that it doesn't, kindly illuminate a neighborhood agent: the EYYO Power station may essentially should be killed, unplugged, or restarted. On the off chance that you are as yet encountering challenges, the agent on location will reach us to fix this, in the interim we welcome you to go to the closest EYYO Power station.

EYYO powerbank 

What gadgets would i be able to charge? 

Each EYYO powerbank accompanies 3 charging links: Lightning, miniature USB and USB-C. It implies you can charge by far most of Android and Apple cell phones and tablets (Asus, Blackberry, HTC, Huawei, LG, Honor, Nexus, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi… ), yet in addition numerous other electronic gadgets like some cell phones, Bluetooth speakers, MP3 players, cameras, perusers, workstations, gamepads... 

What amount of time does it require to completely charge a gadget? 

It requires on normal an hour to completely charge a cell phone, yet this may somewhat differ contingent upon your gadget. 

What number of "charges" gives an EYYO powerpank? 

An EYYO powerbank gives on normal two full charges. 

How might I check the charge level of an EYYO powerbank? 

Turn the EYYO powerbank on and check the number of lights are on at the front.

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